Public Speaking / Media Training


Public Speaking / Media Training is one of the areas that Krisis Company is best known for, whether in presentations, defending a company or individual against attack or restoring and rebuilding a reputation. The results are not just theoretical. They have translated in significant increases in the market capitalization of companies and individuals – in the millions in some cases – and the resurrection of careers. We have a proven track record of enhancing the images of individuals or companies, creating positive images for new or relatively unknown individuals or companies and recreating or rebuilding the reputations of established firms that find themselves in challenging circumstances.
Our Public Speaking / Media Training includes, but is not limited to:
  • Developing and refining key messages, to see “what really works” under the stress of simulated interviews and presentations.
  • Improving skills that transfer to many other types of communication (ex. public speaking, sales, crisis communication, community presentations, negotiations, court testimony, etc.)
  • Establishing yourself as an effective spokesperson, equipped to handle different types of interviews — TV, radio, print or online.
  • Customizing specific strategies to protect and enhance your online reputation.
  • Creating “dark” websites that are hidden from public view but ready to be launched when/if a crisis actually occurs.
  • Rapidly creating and launching incident-specific blogs and/or websites.
  • Training on how to use social media effectively to both prevent and respond to crises.
  • Assistance with critics and online “cyber bullies” who seek to damage your good name.
Krisis Company is the only Public Speaking / Media Training company that consists of trainers who have actually delivered over 10,000 speeches, trained over 1,000 clients and delivered speeches in front of crowds in excess of 15,000 people in some of the largest stadiums in the world. Our consultants have been increasingly in demand as trainers on Crisis Management and Public Speaking / Media related topics, conducting one or two-day seminars that can be customized for small groups of top execs or large groups of line-level employees. Our consultants can also be retained as conference speakers and the presentations qualify for the continuing education credits required by many professions.
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