Attention Friends, Influencers, and Fellow Entrepreneurs...

Who Want To Make More Money, Have More Influence And Be Someone Of Global Impact…

What Do Wealthy Entrepreneurs, Viral Social Media Stars, Mesmerizing Speakers, and Super Rich Salespeople All Have In Common?

It’s The Same Secrets Used By Donald Trump, Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffett, And Mother Theresa To Command Attention And Influence The Masses…

And Today You Can Harness This Hypnotic Superpower To Persuade Any Audience, Build Raving Followers While Growing Your Network And Net Worth…

I have a secret to reveal...

The society of the rich and famous have all learned to master this one skill... and it can be yours

The secret is…


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Here is What You don't know...

Charisma can come in many different forms...


There’s the indefinable quality that commands and holds even the rowdiest of crowd's attention… imagine all eyes on you never having to fight for other people's attention...


There’s magnetic attraction that draws others towards you effortlessly (doesn’t matter if you’re out at a bar, expanding your network, or selling exactly what makes you unique)...


There’s the ability to irresistibly connect with people, leaving a trace of mystique, without giving away your secret (winning over any team or dream client, landing the best job opportunities, promotions, and tackling roles and assignments of your choosing)


There’s a personal confidence that comes with the power to overtake and control any social scene… everyone usually knows one or two attention hoarders at party, welcome to the sneaky ability to claim or reclaim the pulse of the party without having to stick out your chest or try very hard at all...


The immediate sigh of relief that comes with nailing every first impression because you’ve moved on to creating lasting impressions, the one’s leave everyone wondering “who was that guy or gal?!” ...

Let me fill you in...

If you came into this letter wondering what charisma is? It is very fluid and can change completely based on the scenario

Even looking at one charismatic person to the next, they all have different styles, but with years of case study research I was able to pin it down to ONE common thread…

Anyone you’ve seen master one form of charisma or another they all can be traced back to what I call, KHARISMA, with a K.

I spell it with a “K” because I’m able to see and FEEL it, it’s my sixth sense, I understand it’s flow, I’ve danced, studied, grown with it…

Very few people can say they are masters of kharisma but I know exactly what it is and what can do for you!

Allow me to do YOU a favor...

I Believe you have what it takes…

Because you’ve read this far, allow me to return the favor and help figure how we can make KHARISMA your superpower and best serve you!

… If you’ve always wondered “what do they have that I don’t?”

… If you want the ability to captivate any audience, big or small

… If you want the tools, techniques, structures to dramatically increase your status, persuade and influence any audience, and turn everyday conversations into mike-drop like performances then this will be the most important letter you read today.

Hi. I’m Marion Cain III (AIC / ARM / CBCP / CIS)

I’ve built my entire career around Kharisma…

And while I’m incredibly fortunate with to work with the actors, celebrities, and entrepreneurs that I have, I’m here to tell you, Kharisma is what I do and you my friend are no different from them!

Millionaire entrepreneurs, professional athletes, and stadium-filling speakers call me THE Kharisma Coach…

Spend a few days with me and your soul will be screaming with purpose and you’ll feel more fulfilled than you ever have in your life. But this isn’t about me. That’s the power of Kharisma!

In a nutshell…

I teach you the science backed charisma secrets you need to know to become a dynamic communicator who dominates the stage...

persuades any social media audience… and closes expensive deals over the phone or in person like clockwork…

I call this the Million Dollar Mouth…

a skill you can master in less than 24 hours that will change the way people respond to you for the better...

So you can sell more products and services. Be that master communicator. Make a greater impact. And skyrocket your influence… even if you hate public speaking or look and sound awkward talking in front of the camera…

And you can use these stealth wealth generating body language skills to:

Simply put…

The techniques I’ll share with you get people to take action… which is the most important skill of all.

Because when you can persuade someone to act…
You’ll Never Struggle To Gain The Money, Freedom, Power And Status You Want For Your Life…

All you need is eyes…

Because as long as you have an audience... even as little as 5 people... these body language tips and communication secrets will generate sales like hitting the green button on an ATM

And it won’t matter if you:

These covert tactics work like nothing you’ve tried before

Let me shed some light for you…

Now there's a common myth most people reference to regarding public speaking... and that is that 95% of people fear public speaking more than death...

So let me ask you…

…Would you rather be in the laying in the coffin or giving the eulogy?

…Would you rather be held up at gunpoint in a dark alleyway, or speaking from a stage?

…Would you rather give a 10-minute speech or walk a tightrope 20 stories high with heavy winds?

Those are extreme examples. But I want to shatter this belief that public speaking is more scary than death. Because there’s a big chance one of the myths that have held you back from reaching your true potential.

Here’s another belief holding you back from being the person of status you want to be

And that is…

I’m a terrible public speaker…” or “I’m not a public speaker”

The truth is… you ARE a public speaker.

It doesn’t matter if you’re speaking in front of one person… or five, ten or thousands of people… you’re still speaking in public.

Have you ever heard anyone call themselves a “private speaker?” No. because we are all public speakers.

So let’s crush that limiting belief right here and now, okay?

Whether you’re encouraging your kids to do their homework… or trying to get a CEO or client to sign the dotted line, all speaking, is public speaking

And you’ve likely already done a great job at it…

I mean…

if you’re not persuasive enough to get your kids to do their homework, they won’t graduate. Likewise…

If you don’t sell yourself to the client you want to close a deal with, you won’t walk out of the room with a check. See…

You are a public speaker…

However, the people in the world with the greatest amount of influence and impact have practiced the secrets of becoming an effective public speaker.

Even if you don’t want to speak from big stages… using the tips I’ll share with you on this page will help you make more money, and ethically persuade the people in your life to do what you ultimately want them to do.

Now, I wasn’t always to “Kharisma Coach” to high-powered CEOs, actors, and world-class influencers that I am today. In fact…

If there’s anyone who wasn’t qualified to succeed in life, it was me. Yet...

This system made me who i am…

These Charisma Secrets Transformed Me From A Humiliated, Bullied Kid... To A Master Salesman And Global Speaker

I know this because back in high school I was the acne full, scared, shaky, fumbling kid with thick-framed, funny ‘nerdy’ looking glasses. No one would talk to me. If you remember the TV hit series FAMILY MATTERS— I was teased and nicknamed ‘Steve Urkel’ after the ‘geek’ in the show.

Which nearly ruined my confidence at a young age…but I knew deep down I was never going to let this continue forever, I was going to make a stand and master what made people like you… fortunately I was able to turn it around from those lows to where I am now…

Helping millionaires, professional athletes, models, television news anchors, and former major league baseball players become very successful speaking and impacting the people that they care and choose to work with

And I can do the same for you. If this is something you would be interested in then let’s take the next step…

But It Was Saving My Brothers Life That Really Made Me An Expert

Let me tell you a difficult story…

I became an expert at reading people because I was forced to in order to keep my younger brother alive

He has a blood disease called sickle cell anemia and at the time medical advances weren’t where they are today. I had to constantly pay attention to changes in his body language and physiology… were the whites of his eyes turning yellow? Did his breath rate change? Were his pupils dilated? Why isn’t he talking as much?

I would spend hours in the bed with him rubbing his tummy looking for cues to determine if the pain had gone away or if we needed to bring him to the hospital. I was not going to lose my brother

“I’ve spent a third of my life in the hospital as a visitor sitting in a chair while my brother lied in bed fighting for his life….”

I observed a lot sitting in the hospital…

I listened to doctors tell children they only had months to live…

Observed families fighting in the waiting room…

Watched mothers breakdown sobbing in the elevators…

I became very keen at identifying distress, pain, stress…

My Pain Became My Superpower...

It drove me somewhere new...

I took that awareness with me everywhere…

My career skyrocketed at the most prestigious and powerful financial services firm in the world Pricewaterhousecoopers because I was the best negotiator. As a Global Crisis Risk Manager, I routinely resolved 9 figure cases in some of the most hostile courtrooms in the world.

I’ve secured tens of millions of dollars in settlements

I am a trained actor and have been cased in international feature length films

I am a magazine print model with a photo in the top two widely distributed magazines in the world

I am an international stadium speaker (14 stadiums, largest crowd being 40,000 in Qualcomm stadium– where the L.A. Chargers used to play when they were in San Diego)

I became a master of the craft… some would say, obsessed.

I was on a mission…

Earning nine different degrees in human behavior, body language, speech, psychology, and more…

And investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into education and mentors to learn the same tips and tricks I’ll be sharing with you…

My journey, education, and experiences helped train 1,250 people just like you on how to use the power of dynamic “full body” communication to get the kind of abundance and attention you deserve…

And now you can have the same opportunity to create your own destiny and achieve your dream life… regardless of your age, appearance, or any of the credentials society says you need to become a 7-figure success.

Because when you learn the skills I’ll be sharing at the Instant Kharisma Seminar on any of the listed dates below you’ll…

Master The Communication Secrets Of Persuasion With My Secret “ ‘I’ 3 Methodology”…

While Skyrocketing Your Income, Impact, And Influence… Giving You The Status Of A World Class Speaker!



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But don’t just take my word for it!

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Starting today you can achieve the same success of my students and greater...

Enough researching… now can be your turn to master these wealthy persuasion tactics that will transform your life and business.

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What to NEVER do with your hands when sitting or standing… plus the #1 fatal mistake 99% of people make with their pinky fingers that sabotage your credibility when speaking onstage or in video…


5 critical gestures great leaders use (that average people don’t)... resulting in triple, quadruple, even 10x more sales in any given market.


How to structure a standing ovation worthy presentation that connects with every age, gender, and personality type in the room in only minutes. (This has allowed me to bond with all types of people in stadium-filled audiences with the kind of intimacy as a one-on-one conversation)


Scientific secrets of influence… which effortlessly capture your audience’s attention and make each person feel like they’re the only one in the room.


Create a deeply powerful connection with your followers via video… (this works extremely well on Instagram Stories, Facebook Live, and YouTube and will have you making sales every time you say swipe up or click the link)


The exact money words you can use in any prospect conversion, pitch from stage, or social media post that makes collecting cash as easy as ‘passing go’ when playing Monopoly.


The exact steps and words you can use to quickly recover from a mistake on stage or in your videos… (Some speakers actually ‘screw-up’ on purpose because it works so well at gaining new customers who admire your response)


Plus, I’ll hook you up with on the spot with professional photos and a complete media package... done for you on site. Completely free of any extra charge. You’ll walk out of the seminar as a self-made superstar.


A very sneaky way to gain instant rapport with even the coldest prospects that forces them to pull out their wallets and hand you their credit card... it’s almost like mind control yet completely ethical.


Hate public speaking? No worries. I’ll show you a simple trick all the greats use to erase nerves and speak with boldness and confidence every time that mesmerizes and persuades your audience to follow your every command


Do you know your prospects’ hot buttons? I’ll show you exactly which ones to press that’ll have them whipping out their wallets faster than a cowboy slinging his revolver in an old fashioned standoff.


The 6 deadly dress code sins you must avoid at all costs… plus simple tips to help you dress for magnetic attraction that gets people trusting you as the go-to expert even if you’re the most under-qualified person in the room…


5 stages of persuasion… that will make getting what you want… whether it’s more sales, speaking gigs, heck - even sex!… practically automatic.

THE 3 P's

The 3 P’s - that when used correctly, skyrocket your social media status resulting in more hungry followers who hang on your every word. (pssst… that means more income, impact, and influence for your business)


A simple and effective formula for attracting, closing and maintaining the BEST customers, lovers, networking partners and business allies. (I call this the Instant Attraction Algorithm and it works like gangbusters)


How to unlock your unique kharismatic presence buried deep inside that will make selling, speaking, and influencing others to do what you want almost effortless (you’ll immediately see an increase in revenue when you activate this charismatic persona)

And so much more…

This special training will give you instant results… and will boost success in all areas of your life immediately...

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Look the part, now it’s time to act the part with:

Fast Action Bonus #3:


Personalized assessment of your natural strengths and a specific plan to eliminate your weaknesses (aka Perfection Points) so you present your highest-self with the ability to influence, motivate and connect with anyone.

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Do you like knowing what will be covered in a course ahead of time? Everyone will get a copy of this workbook where it breaks down all the exercises, definitions, references, photo examples of good and bad charismatic behavior, charts, interactive exercises, bullet points, steps and checklists. You can follow along and take notes as we go or review this long after the seminar as future reference.


You’re one training away from doubling your income, networking opportunities, relationship options instantly with cutting edge scientific methods to increase your charisma. The 3 secrets to Charismatic Presentations and Negotiations, how to go from dull to dynamic, clueless to classy, fearful to fierce, pion to powerful, ignored to inspiring, this masterclass guarantees getting noticed! I can’t wait for you to take advantage of this amazing gift.


Do you like knowing what will be covered in a course ahead of time? Everyone will get a copy of this workbook where it breaks down all the exercises, definitions, references, photo examples of good and bad charismatic behavior, charts, interactive exercises, bullet points, steps and checklists. You can follow along and take notes as we go or review this long after the seminar as future reference.


Lasting-Kharisma Bonus #1:

Lifetime Access To The Instant Kharisma Facebook Group

LIFETIME access to the “Instant Kharisma” private Facebook group with all the attendees (from this and past events), myself, and all previous special guests. This group will keep you accountable, connected, focused, motivated, and your questions promptly answered.

PLUS, you can post all of your videos, presentations, and photos and receive expert feedback from a community trained in identifying Communication Counsel Points from a community of certified body language geniuses.
Consider this a virtual hangout for men and women growing in the coveted art of world-class persuasion…even a slight tweak to the length of a post-sentence pause can mean instant ROI in your business…

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Over 30+ Kharismatic boosting resources leaving you prepared no matter what situation you find yourself in. It doesn’t matter if you’re a checklist person or not, these checklists will help you brainstorm and find unlimited ways to take your Kharisma to new heights.

Some examples include: speaker mindset secrets, presentation tools checklist, 8 ways to use props, 10 ways to act like a pro, 12 ways to practice speaking, 21 ways to improve your presentation, 50 ways to open a speech, and many more! I personally love this pack because there’s not a checklist in this bundle that I don’t continually circle back to when I need to nail my next event! Here they are all-in-one for you to use whenever you need, how perfect is that?

Lasting-Kharisma Bonus #3:


Even with the Kharisma Bundle Pack it’s easy to forget things. This Bonus is a once in a lifetime opportunity to take your most important presentation and have it audited by me, your personal Kharisma coach. You will receive a detailed assessment of either a past presentation, VSL (video sales letter), YouTube video, or IG account using the Kharisma Counsel Sheet. Be it a TED talk, a sales pitch on stage to thousands of people, anything you’ve procrastinated on or needs tweaking because this performance if delivered correctly is going to pay incredible dividends for you. Well this is your saving grace.

We’ve all been nervous, unsure, or not fully confident in what we’re presenting, this is your ACE in the hole. This is your personal audit bonus to be redeemed as you see fit at any point after, during, or before the seminar.

Lasting-Kharisma Bonus #4:


Our Kharisma Calls will be where I share tips I’ve picked up on or noticed outside this seminar. These calls are like automatic updates so that you continue to stay fresh and on top of your Kharisma game. We will go over improvements, talk and analyze live presentations going on in current events and most importantly dive into how we can improve your everyday lives. How we can all help each other, hold ourselves accountable and be sure our Kharisma charm is still held nice and high. No regressions allowed when you join my team…

All 13 Bonuses Are FREE As My “Time Sensitive” Ethical Bribe To You

Full disclosure,

I divided my bonuses up into 3 parts

The first 10 people to join will be rewarded with my 5 fast-action instant impact bonuses.

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I want you to have lifetime access to the Instant Kharisma Facebook group, the personal strengths & weaknesses assessment

a free audit of any current videos or presentations you’ve done, and so much more because they’ll give you faster results and momentum before you even attend the seminar!

Just keep in mind

these are action-taking incentive bonuses…

the first 5 won’t be available for long but there’s still 8 more to take advantage if you’re late to the party.

Meaning, they’re yours when you fill out the no-risk application below and sign up for the Instant Kharisma seminar after we speak on the phone. And I’ll be sure to update you if you’re one of the first 10 to join…

Look back at all those bonuses again, if those alone aren’t $1500 is an absolute steal!

One More Thing

It’s Vitally Important To This Opportunity…

When I originally hosted the Instant Kharisma seminars I had no money back guarantee or any special bonuses. However…

In this offer to you as a friend and fellow entrepreneur, I’ve agreed to allow those who attend this one of a kind event a full money back guarantee.

The event isn’t cheap but it IS underpriced…

Yet you can be confident knowing that if you don’t experience life-changing value that exceeds your expectations both personally and professionally, I’m willing to put my butt on the line and send you a full money-back refund. 

And now you can take advantage of this rare opportunity for absolutely zero risk to you.

So if you’re thinking, “maybe I should,” please do! You simply can’t lose.

Here’s What To Do Next...


Click the button below and fill out the application


After clicking the ‘submit application’ button you’ll be taken to a page where you can schedule a call with me and I’ll see if you’re a good fit for the seminar.


This is NOT some high pressure sales pitch. I simply want to see if Instant Kharisma is the right fit for you and will exponentially grow your business.

Again there are…

Only 17 Spots Available So Act Fast

Because this event fills up quickly you’ll want to act now. We’ve maxed-out capacity at our previous three events and will do the same at our New York City seminar.

It’s physically impossible for me to work with more than 20 people at a time. So with that said, your window of opportunity won’t be open long.

So here’s what to do next…

At the bottom of this page there is an application form asking you a few simple questions…

It won’t take more than 2 minutes to complete.

Fill out the form. And if I think you’d be a great fit for the event, I’ll invite you to join us in New York City for the seminar.

Remember… you’ll also get the three results-accelerator bonuses to ensure you make your money back before making it to the event.

I’m excited to hear from you and can’t wait to meet you in-person at the event.