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Krisis Company has firmly established itself as a leading dedicated provider of resilience solutions worldwide. Our core areas of expertise are Media / Public Speaking Training, Network & Cyber Security, Insurance Claim Mitigation, Business Continuity Management, and Crisis Management.

Supported Clients in 239 Countries

Resolved 10,000+ Cases

Over $250 Million Recovered / Mitigated

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Crisis Management

Krisis Company mitigates disruptive and unexpected events in behalf of corporations or individuals that threaten to harm the individual, the organization, its stakeholders, or public.

Business Continuity

Krisis Company establishes processes in behalf of individuals or corporations that ensure continued delivery of products or services at acceptable predefined levels following a disruptive incident.

Emergency Response

Krisis Company prepares individuals or corporations to be able to quickly respond to an incident in order to minimize the harmful impacts to people, property and the public.

Crisis Consultation