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CHICAGO, Il- DEC 7, 2004: Real estate mogul Donald Trump makes an appearance at Chicago's Marshall Field's on State street to promotes his new cologne, The Fragrance. He was joined by 'The Apprentice' winner Bill Rancic.

Want to be Liked AND Respected at Work? Secrets Donald Trump Needs to Know

Amid a number of issues raised time and again regarding President Trump, a new, fresh issue has emerged. While Trump has declared a national emergency at the border, he has replaced the Head of Homeland Security with an interim appointment and no nominee to permanently fill the position. And although we can debate the issue all day long, at the end of the day, there’s one main issue with managers like Trump, one that can be diagnosed and assessed from a psychological perspective. You see, the issue with administrators like Trump is that they do not understand how to balance authority with acceptability. And although we’re hardly as controversial as Trump, it is probable that many of us are making some of his same mistakes in the workplace.

And honestly, if you’re struggling with this issue, no one blames you! It’s tough to balance likeability with respect in a professional environment. And after all, we’ve all been told that it’s impossible to be liked by everybody all the time, a phrase which most of us have interpreted to mean, ‘Why try?’ But it doesn’t always have to be an and/or situation. And tough as it may be to walk that fine line, would you believe me if I said it can actually be possible? Because, as a matter of fact, it is!

Kare Anderson argues that striking a balance between the source of respect (Strength) and the source of likeability (Warmth) is possible, and she tells you how:

5 STEPS that will help you balance the good cop/bad cop act at work are here :

  1. Do not appear above the rules: When you make a mistake accept it gracefully and courageously. This will instill faith in them about your high moral stance and will make them respect you.
  2. Set precedents. : Whether it is about how they treat you and how they treat a co-worker and the kind of standards they apply at work, you must lead by example.
  3. Lead firmly and tread softly: Stand by your decisions but be ready to be flexible where necessary. Allow inputs and opinions to reach you through predesigned channels in order to keep grievances to the minimum and for a proper feedback chain on processes.
  4. Reserve the right to a final decision: This one will save your neck from accusations of bias or indecision.
  5. Follow rules, but avoid the universal yardstick: While rules are designed to keep things working in place, make room for exceptions when you are presented with unusual situations. Employees will know you are a stickler for discipline, but generous to a genuine cause.

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