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Is Britney Spears Crazy? How to Understand Celeb Shenanigans

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While Britney was in the earlier stages of her career breakdown, she manifested a lot of behaviors that sounds to be interconnected to each other and definitely has brought her professional downfall, that goes back to being in some kind of inappropriate relationships, getting her head shaved, and was shot doing so.

Now, when all her groupies watched this, many began to judge her action which then made her started to get moody part way through this period. When Britney involved in more depressive episodes, she gets to drinking, smoking, and doping. She even had a dealer and did this habitually.

This undoubtedly will have an impact on Britney’s health in her life thereafter, though, Britney was found to have a large O.D. at once, which made her fans had divergent views on it, claiming she can’t take the maternal responsibility, her career and much more. All of these reviews led Britney into more depressive mood cycles, to the point where she gave up hope beyond her life, and that her career came to an end.

The finest way to assess human manners, is through social and cultural factors, as they focus on the surroundings of the person like family, society, etc. many people have to be a part and perform within societal context and according to cultural values and lifestyles advertised through social media, because if they don’t, then they would not get thrust into spotlight, and not have a sense of identity or belonging or they would feel desperate for acceptance from society.” Social standards” encompass the rules of conduct and models of behavior defined by society. For example, the social media always put emphasis on males that they need to get 6-pack abs and that females have to get an hourglass figure, so many people strive and accomplish this so they don’t sense disqualified or outcast.

  • In 2004, married her childhood buddy Jason Alexander, but divorced after 2 days.
  • July 2004 married again, to Kevin Federline, getting attention because he just ended his relationship with his pregnant partner, Shar Jackson.
  • Feb 2006, drove while hugging her son.
  • May 2006 went nude on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar.
  • Nov 2006 separated from Federline.
  • Feb 2007 spent nighttime at a Rehabilitation Centre and had her head shaved on the next day.

Which Perspective is paramount for Analyzing Psychological manners?

The psychodynamic perspective is the study of personality and behavior in terms of mental or emotional processes developing especially in early young age and their impacts and mental conditions. It focuses on the subconscious and how we deal with our subliminal urge.

Biopsychology Explanation

Being a celeb has its many perks as well as its negative aspects. Being a celebrated person can lead to devastating pressure and trauma at times, that even celebrities may need to take a breather from, just like Ms. Spears.

While Britney having a break from her career to build a family, groupies and paparazzi still provoked her on daily basis worsening her state. When paparazzi shot Britney with her son on her lap while driving, many people began humiliating her for poor parenting.

This lasting humiliation by her fans as well as the redundant reputation ended up stressing out, disturbing and possibly made Britney calls into question her talent as a parent even, which had been leading her to commit acts such as attack a paparazzo’s car with a sunshade and shaving her head.

Humanistic Perspective

  • The study of how the nervous system develops its structure and what it does.
  • This perspective concentrates on the brain, its effect on manner and its role.
  • It can also be viewed at as how your brain and its neurosubstances can determine in advance your actions and behavior.

Britney Spears was raised in an unsettled family. At a very early age, Britney’s father was a drunkard, and was an unfaithful to her mother. After many fights, and urgings, her parents were separated when she was just 4 years old. The conflicts in her parents’ marriage, has never left an indelible print on marriage for Britney. So this expounds why she married her boyhood friend, Alexander, when she was 30 years old and broken up 50 hours after their marriage. The break up was caused from the negative impression of her parents’ relation, without even realizing it. It was caused because she always saw them quarreling and cursing at each other, and how unhealthy their marriage was, so Britney never fully understood the proper underlying meaning of marriage.


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Using psychological aspects to investigate a celebrity’s behavior

About Britney Spears

  • Cognitive Perspective
    This perspective is an open view that reviews the interrelationship between biological elements, psychosocial elements to interpret the actions of the person has been showing.
  • Psychobiological Perspective
    The humanistic side investigates the whole person’s distinctiveness and singularity. It can also be said as a review from the aspect of the human’s experience, or how individuals recognize and portray their actions. This standpoint thinks that everybody desires the best for themselves.

Another act from Britney is marrying Kevin Federline, after her split-up with Jason Alexander. Although this behavior seems not odd, and acceptable, Britney was traumatized by the depressing feedback her fans were giving her. Kevin Federline, who was the dancer for Britney, had just broken up with his pregnant partner, Shar Jackson.

A lot of groupies were angry irritated from Federline for leaving his partner for another one, while others were upset of Britney for taking Federline  from her. Because of the bad reaction she was getting she couldn’t deal with the hatred any more, and after then she broke up with him in the same year

As already said, people keep doing things because of rewards or give up because of punishment. In this case, Britney ended up her relationship because of the punishments, or the bad feedback she got on her marriage.

The cognitive perspective considers the person’s mindset on a superior level (memory, creativeness, awareness). Mostly highlights how the person thinks during the process of action

Britney’s family stood behind her in all the life-making decisions she took at early age, her parents were supported her through her screen tests, in acting performances and hard times.

Britney was extremely fortunate to have caring parents; however, her brain had programmed to have her parents around for supporting. As a result of this, when Britney had an lasting argument with her parents, Britney became despondent although her iconic fame and reputation, since she always had a constructive relationship with her parents throughout her life, and she was not used to being divided from them.

Britney’s divorce after less than 3 days is an evident of her lack of understanding on what real marriage is, since she merely chose someone close to her to tie the knot with. Britney’s false understanding of what marriage was, as well as the pledge, led to a pitiful result, however  Britney thought this was the finest decision she took at the time.

Evolutionary Perspective

When Britney was a young girl, she had many talents for singing and acting, and when she was just 7 years old, she was screen tested and got a lead role and her albums sold tens of millions of copies around the world.

Britney was used to having success in whatever she did, whether on an emotional or physical level. So her brain were eventually programmed for her to always be successful with an infrequent small disappointments here and there, but when something valuable to _her emotional life_ failed two times sequentially, Britney was not used to this, which in the end led to her famous devastating meltdown in 2007.

Behavioral Perspective

  • Is estimating individual’s behavior by reviewing the set of rules of social groups that a person is a part of.
  • Focuses on the surroundings of the person of interest.
  1. Britney was a very talented girl, she was a vocalist, dancer, and she executes acting parts in stage productions and T.V. shows.
  2. Later in life, Britney produced two albums that brought her worldwide fame because they were the best selling albums.
  3. Today, Britney is an American top singer, performer and actress, acting in multiple big budget films and magazines.

It is obvious that Britney’s ascendants must have been extraordinary and talented people, for Britney to have such talent at a young age, as well as her siblings.

Britney’s mother is an American writer, such career engages much creativeness, her elder brother is an American T.V. film producer, which also needs ongoing creativity and for a person to be extrovert. Britney’s younger sister is also a songster, performer and songwriter. Britney’s grandparents also were said to love to perform, and speak in public.

It is clear that Britney’s career and talent were no accident and that it must have been inherited through her family line, since even her siblings have proven their creativity. It also elucidates how she had the opportunity to get roles in acting at the age of 7, and later be known as one of the top performers in Hollywood has ever recognized

Celebrities are known to like “breaking the rules” committing actions that society considers as shocking behavior. This is a typical action many celebrities keep for no real reason as it seems.

One day in Britney’s house, she was found to have OD on drugs witnessed by her young children, along with this, she also has been smoking and drinking in front of them as well. These are some of the odd behaviors celebrities manifest, in order to meet the standards with the other celebrities grasp the attention of public and receive more renown, since many famous people commit related action to this.

Biopsychosocial Perspective

While Britney was growing up, she had never been responsible for her actions which were as a result by her fame and her early life experiences. As a result, she never grew up to realize that she required to be accountable for her actions and their consequences. For example, when Britney drank past her children she actually was reflecting back to her early life when her father drank in front of her. This reflection caused her to think that it was normal to mimic his action. Clearly, this action was unsuitable, but that is not the case in Britney’s memory.

  • Behaviorism looks to people as subjects that are determined by their surroundings and specifically that they are representing the outcomes or what they gained from the environment.
  • People keep acting according to rewarding /punishment system.
  • Subconscious is disregarded.

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